Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: 100% Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm

100% Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm

Hello all you fair maidens in blogger land!  
I decided to do my first skin care review on 100% Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm simply because I have yet to see a blogger review on it (I am sure there is one out there somewhere!) and because it has become a "must have" in my daily skin care routine and I wanted to share its fabulousness with everyone else!
If you are not familiar with the brand 100% Pure then be sure to check out their website 100 % Pure
100% Pure not only has a wide range of great products but they are also cruelty free, all natural and 100 toxic free.  Does it get any better?
Now for the review...
The first thing you notice when you open the jar is the yummy berry smell!  The texture is pretty thick and a little goes a long way.  Using my ring finger I gently pat the product all around my eyes.  Since I use this mainly at night I apply it pretty generously.  Think of it like a night mask for your eyes.  I wake up in the morning with well hydrated eyes and happy to know I am helping fight wrinkles all at the same time!  It's a win, win!
The cost is $28.00 for .35 oz on the 100% Pure website and they also offer Free Shipping & Free Samples with every order.  Remember a little goes a long way so the little pot should last you awhile.
I am also currently using the Brightening Night Balm and the Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel Mask so I will be doing reviews on both of those products at a later date!

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Hello all you beauty & skin care lovers out there!  
I am excited to finally be joining the beauty blogger family!!  I am a loyal beauty blog fanatic in addition to being a makeup and skin care collector hoarder so joining all my favorite beauty bloggers is a little dream realized.  Obviously, I am new to this whole blogging thing and my Blog is currently under construction so your patience and also any advice is greatly appreciated!
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